BA TESOL Program

- Earn a very marketable BA in TESOL + Diplomas in Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax and TESOL Methodology
- While living in amazing Thailand
- With a full year ED visa (renewable)
- Pay only a very affordable fee
- While working and earning a living (Job Referral Assistance provided)

You can with Thongsook College's International Program, Bachelors Degree in TESOL.

No Degree? This is the ONLY Program for you! Work, earn and even get a degree, from Thongsook College, fully accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. For those without degrees, things are getting tougher and tougher. Countries are falling like dominoes as they implement stricter rules for foreign teachers requiring degrees.



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Flexible Start Dates

2015 Academic Schedules

Last Week of September starting on the 28th
5 October – 9 October
12 October – 16 October
19 October – 23 October
26 October – 30 October

2016 Academic Schedules

29 Feb - 4 March
7 March - 11 March
14 March - 18 March
21 March - 25 March
28 March - 1 April
4 April - 8 April
11 April - 15 April
18 April - 22 April
25 April - 29 April
2 May - 6 May
9 May - 13 May
3 October - 7 October
10 October - 14 October
17 October - 21 October
24 October - 28 October
BA-TESOL Course Modules Description

Bachelors of Arts in TESOL Degree Plan

Want to teach in Thailand but no degree? Take advantage of our free Job Referral Assistance and earn as you learn. We have connections with many schools looking for good teachers, with or without degrees. Most native-speaking foreign teachers in Thailand earn between 35,000 and 50,000 baht per month. Please be aware that, although thousands of teachers are currently teaching English in Thailand without a degree, it is technically illegal to teach English without a Non-B visa and a work permit.

Already teaching in Thailand without a degree? Keep working (and earning)! You must attend only 30 weeks of class over a three year period to complete your degree, all during traditional school holiday periods. And, with an ED visa, you save all that time and money previously spent on visa runs.

BA TESOL Program Director

The total cost of the program is 1,000 baht per credit, or 120,000 baht, over three years. There is also a non-refundable 15,000 baht registration fee.

• Non-refundable registration fee of 15,000 baht
• Monthly payments of 4,000 for 30 months

At the recommendation of Thai Immigration, STUDENTS WITH ED VISAS are advised to forgo monthly payments and pay at the beginning of each semester for credits enrolled (example: enrolling in 3, 3-credit classes so pay 9,000 baht).

Will this degree be accepted internationally?
Yes, Thongsook College, as a university accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education and Council of Higher Education is on the UNESCO list of International Universities and, therefore, accepted worldwide as a legitimate degree.

UNESCO Portal to Recognized Higher Education Institutions

Do I get any vacation time? As we mentioned above, we will have classes for 14 weeks per year. If you wish to complete the degree in 3 years you must attend 10 weeks of classes per year and the other coursework listed. But the dates of attendance are quite flexible. You may choose to study for more than three years this is up to you .